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Hotel Amenity Collection


The MiN NEW YORK hotel amenity program is the ultimate sensory journey, made available to the most exclusive hotels of the world, promising each guest a memorable and indulgent experience.

Our collection is created by carefully blending our fine fragrances with the most innovative and sophisticated skincare formulations. Each use is specifically designed to provide an elevated experience and unique moment within your daily skincare regimen to enhance your overall life.

0% Silicone – 0% Paraben – 0% Sulfates
Cruelty Free

Signature Refill Program

Implementing our signature refill hotel amenity program prevents more than 22,250 bottles and 145kg of plastic from ever entering our world.* To ensure the highest standards of hygiene, our locking dispenser system is tamper-proof. Our design is dedicated to seamless functionality and elegance.

*Based on MiN NEW YORK data of 30ml size annual usage for a typical 100-room luxury hotel.

Our Environmental Commitment

MiN NEW YORK maintains a steadfast vision of 'responsible luxury' and we are passionate about adopting development and manufacturing processes that drive continuous environmental performance improvements in our day-to-day activities.

We continuously seek new solutions and innovations to implement eco-design actions to further reduce packaging material consumption and use whenever possible recycled material.

Our dispensing program is designed to seamlessly accommodate 300ml, full-size retail bottles from our iconic Bath, Body, Hand and Hair Care collections. Professionally powder coated, these dispensers will greatly boost the retail sales of the products with our room-to-retail program.

Our dispensing program eliminates the need for single-use bottles, providing you with intelligent solutions that reduce waste, supports refillable beauty and enhance reusability. Our dispensing system is elegant and easy to install and maintain. True luxury respects the environment.

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