Dune Road Body Lotion

300ML Luxury Amenity
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Summer walks.
Crisp ocean breeze. Foamy Sand.

Whispers of herbs,
wildflowers & sea grass
from a distance.

Ethereal, captivating
& hazy pleasures.

Top: Absinthe, Cardamom & Ozone
Heart: Marine, Salt, Sea Grass, Seaweed & Driftwood
Base: Vetyver, Cedarwood & Musk

0% Silicone – 0% Paraben – 0% Gluten

Cruelty Free

Weight 0.73 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in



Dune Road Body Lotion


4 reviews

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  1. VITO79

    Thus cologne is very unique. I appreciate when a fragrance takes you on a journey to something new and different. Imagine walking on a beach after it rains. You can smell the salty water from the waves. The breeze starts to come in from the east after the rain storm. I can smell some type of tree or bushes in the background. This last a very long time. I can still smell this after 8 hours.

  2. Amsha13

    Many perfumes out there are trying to dramatize a moment in a specific place or time. But the successful ones are very few and Dune Road is one of them for sure. This fragrance is right to the point; a scent of humid seaside and its salty breeze. Wet wooden deck and seaweed. Dune Road is very moist and fresh. It has a kind of salty sour smell. Reminds me of an algae salad I ate in a Japanese restaurant once.

  3. Tresor

    Of all the fragrant pleasures one can experience I think that my favourite is easily a perfumed bath. Adding a bit of precious elixir to the bath water is something I remember my grandmother doing and something I have carried into my own life as I’ve grown into an adult. I’ve been going through a bit of a green kick and in the search for something a bit more vegetal I happened upon my vial of Dune Road from MiN New York and thought I would give it and also compare this method of wearing the fragrance with that of applying it straight from the atomizer. Well, the results are in and I am pleased to say that Dune Road is a winner! The opening of Dune Road when applied via atomizer is to my nose an incredibly fascinating menagerie of cucumbers, freshly cut grass and a proper whoosh of ozone which serves to create a rather exhilarating incipience to say the least. It’s so strange and exceptionally beautiful how things develop in the warmth of the water and the fascinating olfactory textures that arise from experiencing a fragrance in an entirely different way. I feel so grateful to have taken this new journey with a fragrance I already had a great deal of love and respect for and getting to see it in an entirely new light, that to me is one of the greatest pleasures on this remarkable journey in fragrance.

  4. Clayton

    Dune Road is one of my favourites in the collection. It speaks to me of subtle coastal charm where a pleasing expanse of green and blue water pacifies the mind. There is a delicate beauty in the way its crushed grass notes wash over my mind. Deepening with age, this effect develops into the mushroom-like odour of sea algae and the classic scent of distilled vetiver roots. The breezy top notes carry the smell of watery cucumber and a sea salt accord. Although the narrative is based on the sea, this perfume conjures a childhood memory of me sitting down to a plate of my mother’s freshly cut cucumber sandwiches. Dune Road has a floral heart that lingers on the periphery. These flowers bring a sense of familiarity, allowing me to appreciate this as a perfume I want to wear as my scent, rather than it being a series of disparate smells that reject the skin. This is often the fatal flaw of highly experimental perfumes; a good storyteller knows that a story is a only successful if it holds the attention of its audience. Gorgeously subtle, I am preempting complaints that Dune Road does not last long enough on skin. It is true, it may not be the most tenacious fragrance but I have often found some of the most beautiful moments in perfumery within these more subtle types of fragrances, not the ones that scream at you for eight hours non-stop.