Ad Lumen

Scent Stories Vol.2/Ch.01
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Scent Stories Vol.2/Ch.01

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Italian Bergamot
opens to a heart of velvety
Egyptian jasmine
& luscious rose petals
surrounded by a blend of sensual musks.

An invitation
for a close encounter.

Top: Italian Bergamot & Citrus
Heart: Egyptian Jasmine & Rose
Base: Sensual Musks

AD LUMEN robust opening of bitter citrus and metallic aldehydes swiftly gives way to a clean, soft, and powdery musky volume. The creation seamlessly transitions into a linear floral note combined with the musk, reminiscent of a second skin sensation and exudes a reassuring cosmetic facet. In the drydown, the sensual musks leaves a fluffy and soothing texture on skin.

Size 75ml
Weight 1.23 lbs
Dimensions (L×W×H) 4.5 × 8 × 2.75 in
Size 15ml
Weight .22 lbs
Dimensions (L×W×H) 4 × 2.5 × 1 in


Ad Lumen


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  1. Neil

    Ad Lumen, a soft, clear skin scent, is an entirely different kind of fragrance: a simple, but rather haunting, aldehyde rose musk that I find to be like a more futuristic take on Brosseau’s classic Ombre Rose, just without all the powder. Bergamot, Egyptian jasmine, rose, and musks are the listed notes, and while this is certainly not complex, it is extremely long lasting and somewhat memorable, while envincing an alluring – gentle, but obsessional – emotion. Last night, as I turned over in my bed and turned over my sheets and duvet, I could smell Ad Lumen, but not on my hand itself, almost as though it were somewhere beside me but not quite on me. Like Tom Ford’s excellent Jasmine Musk, this is one of those perfumes that while not fascinating or exacting from an artistic point of view, could, on a live person, elicit quite an adhesive reaction.

  2. Michele

    Years ago I was in love with Tova (original) but they changed the formula and like many other fans, I was devastated. After years of searching I found someone online who mentioned Ad Lumen. I’m forever grateful.
    I was surprised that it brought back memories of my Tova, but is so much better. It’s clean, fresh and evocative,not too flowery. It’s unlike anything else. Despite the price, I also spray it on my sheets and pillow and it sends me happily into dreamland.
    I receive many compliments and one sweet girl told me I smelled so nice- and rich, which gave me a giggle.
    It makes me happy, like a special treat that I give myself every day. In a world forever changing, I hope Ad Lumen is here to stay.