Chef’s Table

Scent Stories Vol.2/Ch.03
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Scent Stories Vol.2/Ch.03

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Evokes a garden fresh
table side medley with
fresh herbs & ambergris.

Bergamot, with fresh
sprigs of clary sage,
a dose of Turkish rose,
a splash of tomato essence
& grounded
with a fine musk.

Top: Tomato Leaf, Bergamot & Basil
Heart: Turkish Rose, Iris & Clary Sage
Base: Tonka Bean, Ambergris & Musk

CHEF’S TABLE is an ode to modern and natural aromatics! It opens with a strikingly refreshing hook, presenting an uplifting citrus, fresh crushed tomato leaves, anise touch from basil, and cooling camphoraceous notes from sage, with an added aqueous facet for more transparency. The dewy floral heart, harmonizes with radiant aromatic tones and rooty woods, capturing the contrasted essence of a garden after the rain. The drydown maintains a green herbal vibrancy, offering a deep, rooty sensation, fresh from the garden.

Size 75ml
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Size 15ml
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Chef’s Table


4 reviews

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  1. Leonco Aaron

    I had the chance to test Chef’s table from a sample gifted to me; from the very first spray the tomato leaf is there, so clear, so green and evident that it reminded me of a tomato plant we had in the garden back when I was a child; as RubyBirdy said the development is quiet linear but for me it’s quite persistent, the tomato leaf stays on my skin for a long time (lasting even after showering) and on my clothes for closely a whole day. Definitely is a (different) smell I love specially during this hot weather that is already here in the south of Europe.

  2. Neil

    Mint, basil, a pungent clary sage and a subtle tomato leaf note form the main basis of the perfume but in very nice balance with an invisible underthrow of rose, iris, and tonka that broadens the herbaceousness and makes the scent appealing and wearable. I like it. With more stamina and wherewithall than say, Guerlain’s Herba Fresca, head-clearing and androgynous, I would definitely recommend this one for those who like a basil note in their perfume – this is like eating pesto on a picnic in the grass on a cool, summer’s evening.

  3. Louise

    I think if you love herby, unique scents then you will love this perfume. It’s fairly light but completely unique – there is literally no other fragrance I could compare this to. I would really like to try another perfume within Volume Two, which is made up of five fragrances, although they are high-end.

  4. Catarina Vu

    I’m not a perfumer, just a regular woman. First, I got this because of the basil note because I love the scent of basil. On me, basil dries to a sweet-spicy scent. I didn’t get that from this perfume at all. It’s more of a minty and grass-y smell on me. The scent is not as unique and evocative as the description would lead me to believe. It’s not an offensive scent but not something that would stop someone in their tracks to ask, What are you wearing? It smells kinda cheap, like a knock off designer fragrance I can get at the drug store. The scent is watery and within an hour it has faded so much I have to put my wrist directly to my nose to smell anything. Definitely a try before you buy kind of scent.