Long Board

Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.02
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Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.02

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Salty Surf.

Warm Sun on bare skin.

Sea birds sing as the ocean whispers.

Balmy, suspended moments
of storytelling & laughter
with friends.

Top: Cardamom & Marine Notes
Heart: Coconut, Solar Cream & Orange Blossom
Base: Amber, Vanilla & Vetyver

LONG BOARD opens with a cheerful and radiant solar hook, intertwining bright coconut water, salty ocean breeze, and sparkling orange blossom, all underlined by a backdrop of creamy vanilla. The sunny white floral core, enriched with a salty addictive twist, evokes the sensation of sunbathed skin on hot sand. As it evolves, the fragrance maintains a fresh marine note mingled with a powdery coconut wood, addictive vanilla, and a touch of smoky vetiver.

Size 75ml
Weight 1.23 lbs
Dimensions (L×W×H) 4.5 × 8 × 2.75 in
Size 15ml
Weight .22 lbs
Dimensions (L×W×H) 4 × 2.5 × 1 in


Long Board


7 reviews

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  1. deadidol

    This smells to me like a big, candied tuberose with some white blossoms in the background. The floral notes split the difference between green and powdery, injecting a slight crispness and preventing the scent from becoming too mawkish. The overall effect is a fragrance that nods its head to the lipstick iris genre, but comes at it from a different and much more floral perspective. However, once the opening subsides, the sweetness really hits the gas, smelling more and more candied as the scent develops. Fortunately, this phase also subsides and transforms into a hum of sweet and powdery musks with a distinct shampoo-clean feel.

  2. Tresor

    Today I decided to shuffle through my collection in search of orange blossoms, I began to crave their springtime redolence as I continued to watch the mercury drop and ice crystallize outside my window. As I was digging I came across my vial of Long Board, a fragrance which I had enjoyed but one that didn’t speak to me initially as it’s not the type of fragrance I usually gravitate towards. The one thing I had remembered, though, was that there was an incredibly beautiful note of orange blossom. I sprayed some to my arm and went on with my day. About an hour later I could detect the most exquisite aroma, lo and behold it was me! radiating from my arms were the most exquisite wafts of stunningly lactonic coconut along with a velvety bouquet of immaculate white flowers. I find this bit so interesting because as full and beautiful as the tuberose, jasmine and orange blossoms are they seem to maintain a gossamer levity that allows a radiant accord of a salty seaside to permeate the airspace. As it dries down there is a particular warmth that strikes me, it is sweet but not saccharine or artificial. It’s simply comforting and reminiscent of being swathed in luxuriant cashmere. I could not be happier to have given this fragrance another try, it has proven once again that some of the loveliest fragrances have a bit of a courtship before one can truly appreciate what beauty they possess. Top marks for Long Board, summertime ambrosia.

  3. Clayton

    Long Board is a sunny floral that makes me yearn for a holiday in the Pacific Islands. As a collection built around provocative odours, Long Board’s cocktail of tropical flowers and coconut is perhaps the most conventional perfume offered by Scent Stories. The perfume sets off with a “splash of orange blossom,” and is paired with a marine accord and coconut. Blending the lactonic facets of coconut with narcotic orange blossoms creates an accord in and of itself and this frangipani-like quality I find in Long Board will gather fans that appreciate white floral perfumes. As it progresses, Long Board warms up with oriental notes of vanilla and amber. Towards this sweet end my mind can place me facedown on a massage table in Morocco as much as I could be belly down on a long board paddling through the surf on a summer’s day.

  4. Lee-Ann

    Long Board is your typical summer beachy scent, but in my opinion it has never been done to this standard before now.

    Smelling like salty surf, soft sand, and warm skin, these beachy scents are usually laden with the smell of fake sun-tan lotion and tropical cocktails. But MiN۪s Long Board is surf, sand, and skin done with utter sophistication!

    Glowing notes of delicate Orange Blossom, sweet Vanilla, smooth Cream, and warm Amber, it literally smells like sun in a bottle! But combined with organic notes of fresh Salt-Water and dry Vetiver, this fragrance remains grounded in the surf and sand. Once dried down and this mix becomes a sweet combination of bodily heat and sweat, mixed with suntan lotion that۪s been melted on the skin.

    Never an immature beach-bunny, more of a sophisticated sun-goddess!

  5. Christos

    this was one of the first Scent Stories that I tried and I was taken aback. For some reason I was expecting something completely different. The name probably predisposed me for something butch and sporty. What I got was a big tuberose-jasmine opening that slowly unlocked a green and ozonic heart. Long Board feels like levitating eerily in a cold and very bright space. Its floral component is quite strong but at the same time, that۪s not the point of the composition. I still haven۪t figured out what it is, maybe the strange rubbery note that creeps in underneath the jasmine_ but it is a very modern green floral, as modern and detached as can be. I get an image of someone balancing themselves on the edge of a springboard, mustering up the energy to take a dive thirty meters down into the ocean.

  6. JimmyDem

    Good luck 🙂

  7. JimmyDem

    Good luck 🙂